The Visitors Are Here.

The Cronos-7 Visitors have landed. Check out our collection on to see the amazing, zany, and badass Visitors that makes this collection among the most visually stunning on the market.


These Visitors Aren't Human, But They've Got Style

Expansive Variety Among Traits

As you explore the collection, you’ll discover a massive variety of genres, styles, and themes among the 7,777 Visitors. Each Visitor has a unique style and personality adapted to fit their new home on Earth. From geeks to goths, gamers, and more, these aliens dig pop culture just as much as you. Each NFT in the standard collection is built from over 270 properties spread across 9 traits:

  • Skin
  • Clothing
  • Eyes
  • Head
  • Face
  • Hands
  • Expression
  • Companion
  • Background

Explore Themed Limited Collections

During the Visitors journey across the universe, they’ve fallen in love with Earth’s pop culture, which reflects in their appearances. Themed Limited Collections are a fun way for us earth-dwellers to dive into the Visitor’s lore, providing a glimpse into the lives of this intelligent alien race.

Altogether, the collection contains 9 themed Limited Collections, with a total of 129 NFTs. Limited Collections are fun ways for fans and collectors alike to connect with the Visitors and the Cronos-7 Collection.

This Epic Journey Has Just Begun

Our Roadmap has just begun, and we have a lot of great things planned for holders on the horizon. Benefits include:

  • 3D files for your Visitor's avatar
  • Alienware Laptop Giveaways
  • Telescope GIveaways
  • IRL event ticket giveaways
  • Community first group hosting games and events
  • Access to future allowlists

Follow us for all the latest and greatest and to keep informed as we continue to roll out our Roadmap.

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